Benadryl is for Wimps

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for most of this weekend with a horrible sinus headache and lots of congestion. I had to work on Saturday. However, I spent most of my remaining time at home in bed.

Benadryl Is For Wimps
One of my friends finally suggested that I try some of horseradish sauce from Srodek's in nearby Hamtramck. None of the over the counter stuff had worked for me. I decided to give it a try.

To say that this stuff has a kick to it is, without a doubt, a horrible understatement. I generally prefer spicy food, but this stuff kicked my butt.

At first, I couldn't even handle swallowing it. I involuntarily spit it back out. However, and this is the important part, I could feel a difference in my congestion just from the instant that it was in my mouth so I tried it again with a series of smaller doses.

I eventually had one teaspoon of it on some pierogies. Once I was done coughing and sneezing and my eyes stopped watering, I soon felt almost completely better. My congestion is 90%, which is better than any of the over the counter stuff did for me. I'll probably try one more do to knock what's left of this congestion.

Anyway, because I was feeling better, I was also able to go to the canoe race that the Polish Yacht Club had down Jos. Campau, which is the main street in Hamtramck. (Yes, the canoe race was held on dry land. Yes, the Polish Yacht Club is nowhere near water. It's all a play on the "dumb Pollack" shtick that done by a group of fun-loving Polish Americans with a kick ass sense of humor.)

The race started about a minute before I got there. Regardless, you can see a short video clip of it below.

Bottom line: Benadryl really is for wimps and the yacht race is awesome.


Man, that looks like FUN!!! I'm sorry you haven't felt well. I could not, under any circumstances, eat the radish. Nope. I can't handle spicy. But I have to agree about the Benadryl. I can take probably three and not even get drowsy.

Okay, just the recommended two, but you get the point. Same with Tylenol. I took real Sudafed and it helped a lot. Till I got strep....

Dang. Get yourself some vitamins! Being sick sucks!

Can I ride in one of those?
FrankNemecek said…
If you show up in Hamtramck for the next one, Words, I'm sure we can figure out a way to get you a ride in one.
Shondira said…
You know what else works? Chinese hot mustard. Clears my sinus's right up. Have to try horseradish next time.
FrankNemecek said…
You know, I've never tried Chinese hot mustard. I will have to give it a try some time.

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