Plastic Weddings

Is it possible for a show to jump the proverbial shark, even before they start filming it?

If so, Bridalplasty is the one to have done it. This is the show that demonstrates precisely how low American culture truly has sunk; how deep we are into the primordial abyss.

Competing For Boob Job?
Bridalplasty, for the happily ignorant, is a reality television from E! that crosses extreme plastic surgery with a wedding competition. Brides-to-be will compete on the show in a series of wedding themed challenges in order to win a wish list of cosmetic procedures.

Brides will be voted off the show, at least in the initial rounds, by their fellow brides/ contestants. The last bride standing wins all of the cosmetic procedures that she wants. She then unveils the "new her" at her wedding.

If one listens closely, one can actually hear Simone de Beauvoir spinning in her grave. She has lost her battle. The Heidi Montags of the world have won.

I've already said that I'm not a fan of breast augmentation for most women. I think I should expand that to include the vast majority of cosmetic surgeries.

For the vast majority of women, all that is needed for her to look amazing is a decent wardrobe, a few trips to the gym, and maybe some make up. There are a few exceptions, of course. However, this entire concept that these women need extensive surgery to be the "perfect bride" is absurd.

It's also - and here's the part where the head's of some old-school feminists will explode - contrary to what most husbands want. None of these surgeries, after all, will keep the bride in question from talking during a football game.


I am among the happily ignorant. How far away do you think we are from the world in the movie Gattaca?

Are we not socially acceptable as we are anymore? We already have to look like a skeleton, thanks, Calvin Klein!

That's not to say that people with genuine needs should feel bad about getting cosmetic help. And if someone's self esteem is genuinely affected, then okay. Just don't go to extremes.

But, dang. Pretty soon, I'll be able to walk into WalMart and get a free nose job with a boob enhancement! It's crazy!

And good for you, again, for being real!
FrankNemecek said…
Oh, a Gattaca reference!

I had almost forgotten about that movie, but you're so right.

I have a feeling that if Gattaca ever does become real, it will almost certainly start out as a reality TV show.
OMG, that's a scary thought. And eerie-I could SO see that happening!
FrankNemecek said…
It's scary BECAUSE it seems so darn plausible.

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