Memo to Bottle Blondes

They say that blondes have more fun. There is even a university study to prove that they do.

Black Lights Don't Like Bottle Blondes
However, there is at least one drawback. Black lights aren't kind to bottle blondes, as I was reminded while talking to one such woman earlier this evening.

I don't know the physics and chemistry behind this. However, I know that when black light hits bleached hair, it makes the hair glow.

Oh, and since the bleaching process almost never works evenly across all of the hairs on a woman's head, some hairs glow more than others. This makes a woman's head a mixture of brightly glowing hair, hair that's only glowing a little bit, and hair that doesn't glow at all.

All of that mixed together.

The end result of this is, um, well, unique to say the least. Regardless of how attractive she was - well, with the exception of the hair - it took all of the restraint I could muster to keep a straight face.


Black lights are fun! People look truly weird under them.

I'm going to go read the study. Curious if any studies have been done regarding strawberry blondes....
FrankNemecek said…
There was actually conducted of bald guys sitting at the computer terminal that I'm using. It scientifically proved that strawberry blondes are the hottest of all blondes.
Ummmhmmm...I'll bet you have really, really brown eyes! :P

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