Cigarette Machine in a Non-Smoking Bar

Cigarette Machine in Non-Smoking  Bar
All of the bars and restaurants in Michigan became 100% non-smoking earlier this year. I was in one of them yesterday - and saw a cigarette vending machine.

I know it's left over from the days when one could legally inhale a group 1 carcinogen in such an establishment. Regardless, the idea of a cigarette vending machine being in a place where one is not allowed to smoke simply amuses me.


I listened to an interview with an Irishman about the no-smoking changes over there. He said it was funny-people would congregate, drink, then nearly the whole place would empty out cuz everyone went outside for a smoke. Eventually, they would all go back in.

He said he was waiting for the day someone would come up with the idea of an outside bar....

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